You Don’t Know the Half of It

There are certain things in life that have eluded me with such frequency that I’ve come to understand they’ll simply never happen to me. For example: I’ve accepted the fact I’ll never be on the kiss cam at a professional sporting event. I’ve accepted the fact I’ll never qualify for the Boston Marathon. I’ve acceptedContinue reading “You Don’t Know the Half of It”

Santa Claus Is Running to Town

Some people are hard to buy gifts for — the girl who has everything, monks who forgo all possessions, my dad — but don’t worry: runners aren’t one of them. Whether we’re spending 15 miles a week hitting the pavement or 150, us runners tend to go through apparel at a rapid clip, and there’sContinue reading “Santa Claus Is Running to Town”

Running in a Winter Wonderland

Christmas used to be celebrated as a 24-hour affair. You’d wake up, open presents, eat yourself silly and roll into bed. Then one show-off with a thing for pear trees dragged it out for 12 straight days, and the art of the ever-expanding holiday season was born. You know what I’m talking about. Thanksgiving doorbusterContinue reading “Running in a Winter Wonderland”