I woke up this morning prepared to tell you how – despite all my training hiccups and anxieties and fears – I was finally excited for the marathon. I was going to tell you how I ran eight well-rested miles Monday and felt like I was flying. I was going to tell you how IContinue reading “Ill-Timing”

A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven

I imagine autumn used to be considered a season of hard work and preparation, but with the onset of the industrial revolution and the invention of pumpkin-spiced coffee, it seems all that has changed. Once a time for reaping the harvest, canning vegetables and chopping firewood in anticipation of the impending snowfall, fall has evolvedContinue reading “A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven”

Off the Record

My definition of a successful race has changed dramatically in the past 27 years. When I was forced to run the timed mile in elementary school, I deemed the event successful if I could finish before gym ended without scuffing up my Keds. When I ran the occasional charity 5K in high school, I declaredContinue reading “Off the Record”

The Final Countdown

A lot can change in a month. One month is enough time for the moon to orbit the entire Earth, or so my advanced degree in astrophysics has led me to believe. One month is enough time for — count ’em — eleven magazines to pile up next to my bed in the vain hopeContinue reading “The Final Countdown”

The Great Outdoors

It took years to admit it to myself, but I’m what you might classify as an “indoors kid.” I know what you’re thinking. (Unless you’re Congress, in which case, what are you thinking!? Also, stop reading my blog, Mr. Speaker, and fix this mess.) Indoorsy? But you spent three young-adult summers working at an overnightContinue reading “The Great Outdoors”