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Novice No More

Since retiring my XL lounge-pants three years ago and committing myself to the sport of running, I’ve run 37 road races, two sub-4:00 marathons, thousands of miles and nearly out of goldendoodle photos to populate this blog. I wouldn’t call … Continue reading

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Reality Bites

In most of life’s situations, when it comes to choosing between real or unreal, reality wins out. In today’s 24-hour reporting cycle, for example, the most successful news is real time. One of the best things about your late 20s … Continue reading

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Talk is Cheap

In most situations, talk is a good thing. Peace talks are the first step toward armistice in the Middle East.  A pep talk is generally the best way to talk some sense into someone. Pillow talk is one of my … Continue reading

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Resolution Revision

I could come up with a whole host of excuses why my first race of the new year was nearly six minutes slower than my 10K PR. The roads were icy. The humidity was harsh. I’d stayed out too late … Continue reading

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January Firsts

The year 2013 brought a lot of firsts for me. I traveled to India. I started a new job. I taught a goldendoodle the ways of the force. I went to my first NBA game, ran my first color run, … Continue reading

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