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Taking Stock (Well, Making Stock)

Anyone can make something from something. It’s making something from nothing that really impresses me. That, and octopuses that can unscrew themselves from the inside of jars. You gotta admit that’s impressive, even with the eight-leg advantage. When I say … Continue reading

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Run Down Runner

If I were to compile my most-searched phrases on Google, it would probably look a little something like this: Weather at 6 a.m. in Queens tomorrow Crockpot meals that can cook for 12+ hours because who honestly is only gone … Continue reading

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Keeping the Weight Down (Down Under)

Starting a piece of writing with a dictionary definition is a carnal sin in journalism, but I’m going to commit it anyways. Here goes. The dictionary defines “honeymoon” as “a vacation spent together by a newly married couple.” Honey, I … Continue reading

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