Raring to Go

If you’ve asked me any time in the past few weeks whether I’m excited about tomorrow’s marathon, I probably told you no. I may have said I’m not excited because of my recurring shin pain, or I’m not excited because I doubt I’ll finish in under 4 hours, or I’m not excited because I’ve beenContinue reading “Raring to Go”

Island Fever … Well, Tendinitis

New York City’s Randall’s Island is not just home to two psychiatric hospitals, a water treatment plant and several homeless shelters. This small landmass in the middle of the East River has also been the backdrop to some of my finest moments as a New York City resident — and several of my worst. TheContinue reading “Island Fever … Well, Tendinitis”

The Big Day

This past weekend marked a significant milestone that’s been enthusiastically circled on my calendar for months. No, I’m not talking about watching my little brother marry the woman he loves. And no, I’m not talking about getting the angels back together. And no, I’m not talking about spending 48 hours with the cutest ring bearerContinue reading “The Big Day”

Good and Ready

When I tell people I’m training for the New York City Marathon, I get one of four responses. Cool. Is this your first? (Nope, it’s my second NYC and my fourth overall. Please don’t let your face drop in disappointment when I reveal I’ve done this before: I’m still excited like a butterball turkey whoContinue reading “Good and Ready”