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Sole Mates

I spent years of my life searching for my perfect match. When I was younger, my stipulations were simple indeed — fun, amusing, low-maintenance – but as I’ve learned more about myself and my needs, my priorities have changed. I … Continue reading

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Higher Calling

Not quite a novice but by no means an expert, I clock in at around “mid-level” when it comes to many things in life. Spanish skills? Mid-level. Cooking skills? Mid-level. Spooning skills? Mid-level, unlike my niece, who is apparently a … Continue reading

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Ahead of Time

If you’ve seen as many movies as I have, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that time travel always works out for everyone. Want to father future resistance leader John Connor? Find his mama in 1984. Want to save a … Continue reading

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Pain in the Ash

Religion can be a complicated thing, at worst justifying discrimination and genocide, and at best, making it socially acceptable to dip your crackers in wine before noon. A semi-lapsed Episcopalian thriving in the heathen’s paradise that is New York City, … Continue reading

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