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A Blog By Any Other Name

My early summer trip to North Carolina was memorable for a whole bunch of reasons: seven friends, free flowing wine, and a photo shoot to capture the perfect shot ahead of L, C and my triple birthday party this November. … Continue reading

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Saving My Own Skin

Running as a pastime has made me comfortable in my own skin. Unfortunately, my skin itself may not be so comfortable with running. Although running has done excellent things for my overall complexion — from fewer breakouts to better blood … Continue reading

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Celery-brate Good Times

I spent the first several years of my adult life largely avoiding the vegetable aisle, and not just because I had an innate fear of Jim Henson’s singing produce. Raised in a typical American household of the late 80s and … Continue reading

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The Final Word

I’m an editor by trade, so I spend a lot of time thinking about word choice. In my professional life, the word I’ve been thinking the most about is but. (No, not butts, but ask me again after I see … Continue reading

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