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Accidental Recovery

After four months of painstakingly disciplined marathon training, I had big plans to throw caution to the wind this week and disregard everything I’d ever read about post-marathon recovery. A tad hubristic, sure, but after 16 weeks of scheduled workouts … Continue reading

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Oh hey, I Ran a Marathon.

I’ve been planning out my post-marathon blog post for probably longer than I actually trained for the marathon itself. I figured I’d start by reminding everyone that I ran a marathon, and then tell everyone I didn’t break 4:00 but … Continue reading

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A Salute to My Troops

With the starting gun of the Marine Corps Marathon just a few short hours away, I could use this space today to talk about this morning’s two-mile shake-out run (refreshingly brisk), my post-run stretching routine (deplorably inadequate) or my candy … Continue reading

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Against the Wind

I’ve spent all week preparing for my upcoming marathon in every way I know how. I’ve been carb-loading. (“Why yes, deli man, I will top my bagel with a slice of French toast.”) I’ve been staying off my legs. (“Sorry, … Continue reading

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The End of an Era

Everyone warned me this day was coming. The day I’d wake up, lace up my racing shoes, power my way through a course and – despite all my efforts – walk away without a PR. After managing 19 consecutive personal … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Perfect

I’ve received a lot of well-meaning advice as my inaugural marathon approaches (“Walk through the water stations!” “Don’t weave during the first half!” “Have a friend join you at mile 22!”) as well as some less-than-constructive suggestions (“Don’t run an … Continue reading

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Taper Crazies

As the second week of October comes to a close, the sounds of autumn are acutely apparent, especially when your friends are as hipster-smug as mine. “I love it when the leaves change colors.” “This pumpkin-spiced latte is delicious.” “Let’s … Continue reading

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