Against the Wind

I’ve spent all week preparing for my upcoming marathon in every way I know how.

I’ve been carb-loading. (“Why yes, deli man, I will top my bagel with a slice of French toast.”)

I’ve been staying off my legs. (“Sorry, pregnant lady, I kind of need this subway seat myself.”)

I’ve been memorizing the course route, foam-rolling my IT bands and teaching my 86-going-on-30-year-old grandmother how to sign up for text alerts.

Oh right. And I’ve been puff-painting. Like it’s my job.

Yes, I’m 12.

But despite all my well-intended preparation as Sunday’s event quickly approaches, nothing could have prepared me for this:

(Photo: NOAA National Hurricane Center)

That’s right, folks. As if running 26.2 miles weren’t challenging enough, the storm gods of Washington, D.C., are considering throwing in some heavy rains, coastal flooding and peak sustained winds of between 50 and 70 mph just for kicks.

Or, in the always uplifting words of Storm4 chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer:

“It could be kind of tough for race day.”

But an eternal optimist, I will not be discouraged. Sure, it’s possible flooding of up to 8 inches will make sections of the race course impassable and expected crowds on the sidelines thin to none. But,  it’s also possible these hurricane-force gusts will always be at my – and every other Irish descendant’s – back, upping my race pace and helping all 30,000 of us quality for Boston to boot.

Another bonus to running four hours through a category 2 cloudburst? No one sees you sweat. (And my stock in anti-chaffing Body Glide is sure to go through the roof.)

Hey, other runners – I apologize for the terrible pun that follows – let’s take this race by storm! What’s your contingency plan?


3 thoughts on “Against the Wind

  1. I don’t think the heavy stuff will come down until later on Sunday. That being said, I am packing for several different conditions. I most likely will wear the hydration pack I use for my long runs and pack some spare socks and some first aid items.

    Good luck!

  2. GOOD LUCK this weekend! I was stressed trying to prepare for a sub-freezing marathon, so I can’t imagine trying to plan for a hurricane. At the same time, it would be pretty amazing to brag about your hurricane marathon for years to come. Hope everything goes ok!

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