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Charm City Memorial Day

My Memorial Day weekend was a healthy and active one, chock-full of sweat-inducing activities like baseball, running and lifting. That is, (watching) baseball, running (errands) and lifting (pints of hard cider to my sun-parched lips.) To be fair, it was … Continue reading

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Running in the Real World

Most of my recent posts have been poorly concealed excuses to mass-distribute photos of my brother’s new puppy. What? Weird. How did that get in here? But in an attempt to keep my apparent cynophilia (important disclaimer: means fondness for … Continue reading

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I Won’t Mess with Texas

I usually limit my lists to trifectas, since most things – holy trinities, blind mice, Hanson brothers, etc. – are better in threes. But since everything is bigger in Texas, I’m going to break from tradition here and dabble into … Continue reading

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Dallas, Here I Come

My sister has planned a ridiculously fun itinerary for us in Texas this weekend, which is surprising, because we’re always so serious when we’re together. Yes, I had a pretty sweet haircut as a child and yes, I’m thinking about … Continue reading

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Weekend Warrior

It’s both startling and invigorating how quickly the world around us can change. But don’t believe me. Just ask Central Park. A lush and silent oasis at 7 a.m. Saturday morning, the Sheep’s Meadow was almost unrecognizable by the time … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to a City Near You

As Woody Allen once famously said: “A running career is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And then all you have on your hands is a dead shark.” Oh wait. Maybe he said that … Continue reading

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Philadelphia for the Win

The City of Brotherly Love sometimes gets a bad rap. For example: If you’ve seen Philadelphia, you watched a young Tom Hanks ousted from his homophobic law firm for contracting AIDS. If you’ve seen The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, you … Continue reading

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