Coming Soon to a City Near You

As Woody Allen once famously said: “A running career is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And then all you have on your hands is a dead shark.”

Oh wait. Maybe he said that about relationships, not running. It’s hard to be sure. Mr. Allen is clearly an expert in both.

Either way, I have decided to take this minced idiom to heart and shake things up in the months ahead. While that could mean adding more hill work or upping my interval training, I’m taking the “movement” piece a bit more literally: I’m taking my racing schedule on the road.

I’ve run a handful of miles this spring in such far-flung locales as Virginia and Rhode Island, going so far as to even log a few terrifying laps in the sidewalk-free wonder that is Alabama. But I’ve yet to toe an official race course in any time zone outside the Eastern Standard one, and for fear of repeating yet another loop of Central Park and/or killing a metaphorical shark, I’ve decided it’s about time to take my Asics westward.

First up is Denton, Texas, home to both my favorite older sibling and the world famous 3rd Annual DATCU Dash. (DATCU stands for the Denton-Area Teachers Credit Union, but I’m sure you knew that, considering how world famous its annual 5K race is and everything.) My sister isn’t convinced an 8 a.m. road race is the best way to begin our first weekend together since Christmas, but I figure it’s 1. A good way to see her new community and 2. Justification for the slab of BBQ ribs I plan to have consumed by 8:35 a.m.

Next on the tour is the Pacific Coast, where I’ve registered to run a half marathon with one of my best friends ever in the famously flat city of San Francisco. At least the late morning start time will allow us to enjoy a leisurely morning in the Bay Area before pinning on our bibs… oh wait – never mind – the first wave begins at 5:30 a.m. That’s it. I’m calling in sick. (Just kidding, Mere. I’m psyched. Mostly for post-race Napa Valley, but also to run 13.1 miles holding your hand.)

And third on my cross-continental race schedule is – your town! I haven’t yet decided where else my travels will take me this summer, so if you’re running an event and need a partner to help you carb load and keep your couch company, let me know. My traveling shoes are already laced up.

Where else should I race this summer?  Let the bidding begin!


4 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a City Near You

  1. It would have been cooler if you quoted Woody Harralson – He is a great actor and was even in the premier of the hunger games as one of the characters.

  2. I can’t wait to cheer you on in DC this fall!!

    So jealous that you already have plans to go visit Mere in SF. Have a great time!

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