A Year in Review

There are probably ten or twelve movies that – if unwittingly stumbled across while channel surfing on my couch – require I watch them through to the credits, despite having seen them dozens of times before. A mismatched mix of sappy rom-coms, 90s blockbusters and Tom Hanks’ entire cinemagraphic repertoire, these films pull me inContinue reading “A Year in Review”

Fatigue is Not a Dirty Word

When somebody asks me what it is that I love about racing, I have a dozen and one answers up my sleeve – as well as the ability to tailor which one I pull out based on who, specifically, is behind the question. Athletic friend: Why do you love racing, champ? Me: My competitive sideContinue reading “Fatigue is Not a Dirty Word”

Back in the Game

As I laced up my racing shoes this past weekend for my first timed trial since the Marine Corps Marathon, all signs were pointing to a terrible performance: My much faster racing partner who was going to pace me to a new PR had to bow out Sunday morning because of a massive hangover to save someContinue reading “Back in the Game”