Thank You Notes

As I boarded the train at New York Penn Station tonight en route to Baltimore Penn Station via Newark Penn Station and – oh yeah – the entire state of Pennsylvania – I was fully prepared to use this space to complain.

About what, you ask? For one, about the throbbing ache in my left glute that forced me to cut yesterday’s long run short and forgo today’s workout altogether. Secondly, about how I seem to have lost all motivation to push myself athletically now that my years-in-the-making marathon goal has come to an end. And, of course, about how there are entirely too many Penn Stations along the northeast corridor. I mean, seriously guys. Would it have killed you to use a thesaurus?

But while the Amtrak quiet car isn’t entirely quiet tonight and the world may or may not be coming to an end in a few short hours (two inconveniences of equal importance in my book), I simply refuse to sit here griping as I speed my way toward the Mason-Dixon Line.

Why, you ask? Because – especially after all the heartbreaking tragedy of this past week – I can unequivocally say that I am pretty darn lucky when it comes to my lot in life, glute ache and all.

So without further ado, I will take a page from AliOnTheRun‘s book and bring you my very first installment of Thankful Things Thursday. Why? Because I’m feeling very thankful these days. And because I love alliteration.

I’m thankful that my immediate family – including two members of the military, one Peace Corps veteran and one ballsy power boater who has probably had more near-death experiences than the rest of them combined – are all safe and healthy and converging on Baltimore this weekend. And that they all intend to make me waffles in bed tomorrow, or so I assume.


I’m thankful for my network of unconditionally supportive friends, from those I met in the church nursery or at afternoon kindergarten to those I met rocking out on the soccer field or blasting Billy Joel at a social house party. And let’s not forget those best of friends whose parents and my parents grew up together.


I’m thankful that as much as I bemoan the long hours and the building’s comically cold year-round ambient temperature, I generally like my industry, my job and – despite what this photo would lead you to believe – the people I work with.


I’m thankful that I’ve so fully enjoyed the New York holiday season this year, from baking cookies and sampling the Brooklyn Brewery’s entire winter collection to visiting the Rockefeller Center tree and spending a wonderfully childish evening with the Rockettes and friends. And by friends, I mean Santa.


I’m thankful that my body was strong enough to push me through four months of marathon training this summer and that my mind was strong enough to push me through four hours of marathon running this fall.


I’m thankful that six months of private tutoring have finally paid off and that my brother’s dog can now read.


What are you thankful for?


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