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Not My Day

When I first woke up this morning for the NYRR’s and Front Runners’ co-orchestrated 5-mile Pride Run in Central Park, I felt a PR within my grasp. I’d stayed in Friday night, I’d treated myself to a massage, I’d made … Continue reading

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Said No One Ever

There are a handful of phrases in the English language that I’d wager have rarely, if ever, been spoken aloud. No thanks, I’ve had enough cookie dough for one day. Franklin Pierce’s economic policies are worth emulating today. No way, … Continue reading

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No Means No

It may only be June 15, but take a look at my photo stream and it’s clear I’ve already squeezed in an entire season’s worth of activities before the summer solstice. And that’s just a few select excursions. Ever since … Continue reading

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Non-Reckless Behavior

Little in arts and film is idealized, glorified or downright romanticized more than the act of sheer recklessness. Forgoing your dream job to drive from Boston to California to see about a girl? Romantic. Flinging yourself back into the RMS … Continue reading

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Life Has a Funny Way

I’ll blindly stand behind most things nineties — Lisa Frank, Tamagotchis, that puppet dinosaur show that briefly aired on TGIF — but Alanis Morissette’s hit single “Ironic” has always annoyed me just a bit. A traffic jam when you’re already late. A … Continue reading

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