Time Flies Like an Arrow (Fruit Flies Like a Banana)

As I made my way to the subway this morning without a line of sweat beading my upper lip for the first time since April (eat your heart out, boys), I was left in utter disbelief at how quickly this summer has passed me by. It seems just yesterday I was trading in my spandexContinue reading “Time Flies Like an Arrow (Fruit Flies Like a Banana)”

Redcoats and Relays

Yesterday morning, I ran a road race that really “got” me. ­What does that mean? You ask. Was it a Pamplona-style running with the goldendoodles? Did Foreigner perform the post-race festivities? Did a circa-1998 Shawn Hunter – not to be confused with real-life actor Rider Strong – greet every participant at the finish line withContinue reading “Redcoats and Relays”

I’ll Take the Long Road

If every evil villain subplot in the history of Hollywood has taught me anything, it’s that there’s always an easy way and a hard way, and the hard way makes for significantly better entertainment. (Spoiler alerts ahead, although, honestly, you really should have seen all these movies by now.) Why destroy Gotham in one fellContinue reading “I’ll Take the Long Road”

First Things First

As Curiosity touched down on Mars’ surface last week—marking the fourth NASA unmanned surface rover to explore the red planet since 1996—I was struck by how few firsts my generation has experienced. Sure, Generation Y has lived through some momentous and empowering firsts, from the United States’ first black president to the country’s first legalizedContinue reading “First Things First”

Running: Taking its Toll on Your Wallet and Knees

Somewhere along the line, we’ve collectively consented to accept a series of seemingly harmless lies as fact. Swallow gum and it will stay in your digestive track for seven years. Daddy longlegs are the world’s most poisonous spiders but their mouths are too small to bite humans. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. OneContinue reading “Running: Taking its Toll on Your Wallet and Knees”