Guest Post: My Long Term Relationship with Running

Note from the real RiledUpRunner: Below is a guest post from my girl Meredith, who you might remember from that time I went to Austin, Texas, and gained 45 delicious pounds. You may also remember her from that time she threw me an “Anne no longer has mono!” celebration dubbed AnniePalooza, the time she letContinue reading “Guest Post: My Long Term Relationship with Running”

Guest Post: Lucky Shorts

Note from the real RiledUpRunner: Below is a guest post from my homeboy Davy, an uninspired runner and a cursed soccer player but a talented musician and a fabulous friend. You may remember his pretty face grazing these pages before, from when I plugged (my cameo on) his adorable children’s album to when I finallyContinue reading “Guest Post: Lucky Shorts”

Guest Post: RiledUpRunner + InspiredByMollie = Skinny Success

Note from the real RiledUpRunner: Below is a guest post from my college friend, Tara, whose simultaneous appreciation for delicious food and healthy ingredients makes for some awesome recipes that are impossible to pass up. Tara is just two months away from her big wedding date (what up, Mike? Let’s meet someday, fo’ real.) andContinue reading “Guest Post: RiledUpRunner + InspiredByMollie = Skinny Success”

Guest Post: Running My Way Through History

Note from the real RiledUpRunner: A special shout-out to my first guest blogger ever! Jamie, who writes her own blog about running in what Forrest Gump calls our Nation’s Capital, reflects on the beltway running scene in the following post. I’ve never met Jamie myself, but her blog is awesome, her girlfriend is one of myContinue reading “Guest Post: Running My Way Through History”

A Skeptical Namaste

Eleanor Roosevelt says to do one thing every day that scares you, and since getting advice from a former first lady’s ghost terrifies the hell out of me, I guess I’m already ahead of the curve. Other scary things in my recent repertoire? Traveling to beautiful, drug cartel-filled Monterrey, Mexico, the same day 14 ColombianContinue reading “A Skeptical Namaste”

We Can’t All Win Trophies, Baltimore

Have I mentioned before that the Baltimore Ravens and I have a legally-binding understanding in which only one of us gets to perform great athletic feats at a time? I won’t go into the details of the deal here, other than to say it was signed in Ray Lewis’ tears – and someone else’s bloodContinue reading “We Can’t All Win Trophies, Baltimore”