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Anne Vs The Machine

If you’d been attacked by a lion in second grade and broken your leg and your parents thought you were faking it and made you walk to and from school on your lion-mauled limb for 3 days before finally taking … Continue reading

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Mama Mia

What did you inherit from your mother? Your affinity for peanut butter? Your sun-kissed complexion? Your entrepreneurial spirit? In my case, all of the above, plus something practically guaranteed to extend the length and quality of my adult life: my … Continue reading

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Get a Move On

The Sharks and the Jets may no longer pachanga down the West Side, but don’t let that fool you: New York City is still a cutthroat place. We push on the subway, we death stare at tourists, and according to … Continue reading

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Like Night and Day

There are several core truths about myself I hold to be true. I’m right handed. I’m a dog person. I’m afraid of ET. I’m team Peeta, team Jacob and team embarrassed to have read so many novels originally written for … Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The winter seems to be full of acceptable excuses not to workout. The days are shorter. The Central Park water fountains don’t work. Bathing suit season is still several months away. House of Cards won’t watch itself. And of course, the … Continue reading

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Resolution Revision

I could come up with a whole host of excuses why my first race of the new year was nearly six minutes slower than my 10K PR. The roads were icy. The humidity was harsh. I’d stayed out too late … Continue reading

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January Firsts

The year 2013 brought a lot of firsts for me. I traveled to India. I started a new job. I taught a goldendoodle the ways of the force. I went to my first NBA game, ran my first color run, … Continue reading

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