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The Lies We Tell

No matter how moral or honest or candid you are as a human being, the chances are good you routinely say things you don’t really mean. I’m not trying to PR on Sunday. I just want to finish. Of course … Continue reading

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Hot Diggity Dog

I’ve just returned from back-to-back weekends in Baltimore, and you know what that means: time to post a series of snapshots of an adolescent canine under the thinly veiled guise of offering legitimate running advice. Alright, team. Let the charade … Continue reading

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A Call to Mindfulness

If you’ve asked me this summer how I’m feeling, you probably got an answer that sounded something like this: -I’m tired. I’ve had plans every work night for three solid weeks. -I’m exhausted. I haven’t spent a single weekend in … Continue reading

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