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A Call to Mindfulness

If you’ve asked me this summer how I’m feeling, you probably got an answer that sounded something like this: -I’m tired. I’ve had plans every work night for three solid weeks. -I’m exhausted. I haven’t spent a single weekend in … Continue reading

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The Dreadmill and Me

There are people in this world who swear by treadmills, and while I mean no offense by this, I assume they’re the same kinds of people who swear by lima beans and child trafficking and cats. I realize running on … Continue reading

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Marathon Weight Gain

There are plenty of good reasons to run a marathon: the sense of personal achievement, raising money for a cause, offending a bear on a 26.1-mile-long chain. There’s also at least one bad reason to run one: to lose weight. … Continue reading

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A New Milestone

My boyfriend may be in Costa Rica this weekend doing all sorts of fun things that are bound to get him killed–from unlicensed scuba diving to waterfall repelling to dining with cannibals, only one of which I made up–but my … Continue reading

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The Philadelphia Broad Street Run: One Year Later

I may tell people I’m training this year for the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon, but there’s one race scheduled this spring that’s nearer and dearer to my heart – the Philadelphia Broad Street 10 Miler. That’s the race that started … Continue reading

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Willpower or Lack Thereof

I have never been good with temptation. Out of sight, out of mind may work for the more evolved among us, but if I know there’s an entire tray of blueberry muffins cooling in the kitchen, I know I’m not … Continue reading

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New York City Weight Loss

Eating healthy is hard. It’s harder when you’re not feeling well. It’s harder still when it’s New York Restaurant Week, you have multiple reservations and you intend to eat a steak at every single one. Welcome to my week. This … Continue reading

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