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New York City Weight Loss

Eating healthy is hard. It’s harder when you’re not feeling well. It’s harder still when it’s New York Restaurant Week, you have multiple reservations and you intend to eat a steak at every single one. Welcome to my week. This … Continue reading

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Running Alone

I ran nearly 1,000 miles last year, and if my memory serves me, all but 23 of them were logged as a party of one. There’s something wondrously unrestricting about running solo: I determine my wake-up time, I determine my … Continue reading

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Race Plans for the New Year

At noon today, my mother and I took a two-minute break from our respective workdays to simultaneously register for the Irish Sprint 10K in Quantico in March.  How cute, you may be thinking. A mother-daughter jaunt in the spring Virginia … Continue reading

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Snow and the Manhattan Half Marathon

When some would-be competitors woke up this morning to discover the New York Road Runners were nixing the timing mats at the Manhattan Half in the face of heavy snowfall and rebranding the race an unscored [too long to actually … Continue reading

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Let There Be Carbs

I’m 48 hours out from the Manhattan Half Marathon, and contemporary science and/or this Runner’s World article say I should be upping my carbohydrate consumption considerably to replenish my glycogen stores. Gone are the days when a simple spaghetti dinner … Continue reading

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Home Cooked Meals

After a weekend of football-fueled dietary indulgence – including peanut butter flavored chicken wings because apparently I have the nondiscriminatory palate of a Labrador – I woke up from my slothful Sunday afternoon nap ready for a detox. Don’t get … Continue reading

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Over the River and Through the… Brooklyn

Most things in life are better in dozens. Hey, man, I made you a dozen cupcakes! Surprise, honey, I bought you a dozen roses! Way to go, Jesus, you have a dozen friends! I’m not sure the same can be … Continue reading

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