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Local Fare

Today proved to be one of those formulaically beautiful spring days that compel New Yorkers by the droves to swarm my (read: everyone’s) farmers’ market to fill their reusable bags with seasonal greens and camera reels with seasonal photos. Ah, … Continue reading

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Reality vs. Expectation

Do you know that brilliant scene in 500 Days of Summer where Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s expectations of an evening and the actual events unfold simultaneously on a split screen? (This is my first attempt at embedding a video clip, so I … Continue reading

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Meat Free… Tuesdays.

Remember when I suggested everyone slowly up their protein intake with the calculated addition of more eggs, Greek yogurt, legumes and canned tuna into their daily diets? Turns out, there’s a faster way to reach your targeted protein threshold: order … Continue reading

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A New Milestone

My boyfriend may be in Costa Rica this weekend doing all sorts of fun things that are bound to get him killed–from unlicensed scuba diving to waterfall repelling to dining with cannibals, only one of which I made up–but my … Continue reading

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Back on Track

Sometimes the temperature grazes 80° for the first time this calendar year and your mom offers to buy you an ice-cream cone. Sometimes you go to a gorgeous Southern wedding and you can’t pass up the mounds of barbeque beef … Continue reading

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Picture Perfect

I’ve never had such delusions of grandeur to think myself a good-looking runner, and this past week’s top trending Internet meme (I sincerely apologize for using that godawful word) has only solidified that understanding. You’ve all seen this, right? Men … Continue reading

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Sweet Home Alabama

This week, I visited the alma mater of my No. 1 all-time running hero. Can my No. 1 all-time running hero be a fictional character? Yes? Ok, good. Like most well-rounded athletes, my running idol wasn’t just a runner – … Continue reading

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