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The Third Stage of Marathon Training: Bargaining

When my alarm went off at an unforgiving hour this morning after a particularly late work event last night, I started doing something with which I imagine every runner is intimately familiar: I started negotiating. I had eight miles on … Continue reading

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Three’s a Crowd

It’s been said that bad news comes in threes, and when it comes to loops of Central Park, I can personally corroborate that that is, in fact, the case. One 6-mile loop is positively sublime, navigating the park-goer past such … Continue reading

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Never Forget

It may have transpired more than 18 months ago, but I remember my first 7-mile run like it was yesterday. I remember plotting the route in advance – two loops of the reservoir followed by a straight shot down 1st … Continue reading

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Is Marathon Training Bad for You?

“You’re training for a marathon? Isn’t that bad for you?” It’s a question I’ve heard dozens of times, and it usually comes from the same lips that just smoked a pack of cigarettes or threw back three tequila shots or … Continue reading

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Recall Bias

Hindsight is not just 20/20: it’s also extremely forgiving. Remember that painfully awkward first week of college when you didn’t know a soul beyond their first and/or screen name? No? Neither do I. That’s because despite how it actually went … Continue reading

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Swagger in My Step

Modesty may be a virtue, but much like cleanliness and temperance, it tends to be a bit overrated. As children, we were allowed – nay, encouraged – to share news of our accomplishments with the world. From swim meets to … Continue reading

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