Swagger in My Step

Modesty may be a virtue, but much like cleanliness and temperance, it tends to be a bit overrated.

As children, we were allowed – nay, encouraged – to share news of our accomplishments with the world. From swim meets to spelling bees to performing the full eight-minute rendition of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ at our year-end piano recital (I’m so sorry, Mom & Dad), every childhood achievement big or small was guaranteed a spot in the family Christmas letter.

But no more. Bragging about your accomplishments apparently went out of style sometime between your third-grade geography quiz and your senior week boat race. Especially in the very self-deprecating circles most 20-somethings run in, it often seems humility is the only acceptable state.

Well I won’t have it. While I agree constant self aggrandizement (I’m talking to you, Mr. Paul “I Lie About My Marathon PR” Ryan) gets old fast, I think a little bravado actually has its place. Highlighting our successes – in moderation – helps keep us confident and accountable and passionate, and may even inspire someone else to make a similar leap.

Or so I’m telling myself as justification for the major bragging I’m about to do below:

This weekend, I ran so many miles, I had to cross state lines.

I may be on vacation on the Delaware shore, but with 17 miles on the schedule last Friday, these non-vacationing legs took me deep into the Old Line State (lame nickname, Maryland) and back again. I’m not going to lie: this particular run – my longest to date – was not easy. As I ran for three straight hours in the muggy August swelter, I was tempted on more than one occasion to throw in the metaphorical towel and hop the bus back up Coastal Highway to an outdoor shower and real towel with my name on it. But I fought the urge, threw back some GUs and somehow finished all 17 miles – or more of a workout before 11 a.m. than many Americans perform in a month. I know bragging isn’t particularly becoming, but if I’m going to toot my own horn about anything, let it be for my first ever interstate training run.

That, and the fact that I’m able to sustain friendships for more than a quarter century. My beach companions and I met in 1985 and are still going strong.

Of course, we went on fewer brewery tours in the 80s, but pretty much everything else is the same.

And while we’re on the topic of bragging? I think we can all agree my niece is the cutest dog ever. And by ‘cutest,’ I obviously mean most likely to be cast in the remake of ALF.

What did you accomplish this Labor Day weekend?


2 thoughts on “Swagger in My Step

  1. Congrats on the 17! I did my first 16 yesterday and am telling everyone about it!

    Maintaining close friendships for 27 years is also a great accomplishment. Given everything that changes in your life over that time it’s easy to drift away. Well done!

    1. Congrats yourself! Never having run longer than 15 miles before Friday, I guess I technically did my first 16-miler this weekend, too! Keep up the good work between now and October 28, and start looking forward to that glorious taper.

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