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No Day But Today and Other Overused Phrases

Sometimes you attend a Seder dinner and sample all 12 kinds of unleavened cookies in solidarity with the Israelites. Sometimes you opt for the lobster roll and chips in lieu of the salad once you learn your Oyster Bar dinner … Continue reading

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The Dreadmill and Me

There are people in this world who swear by treadmills, and while I mean no offense by this, I assume they’re the same kinds of people who swear by lima beans and child trafficking and cats. I realize running on … Continue reading

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Mark Your Calendars

My family is healthy, my own health is good, my job is rewarding and last weekend, I got all the smooches a lady could ask for. And by got, I mean stole. Some girls don’t give it up so easy. … Continue reading

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The Honeymoon’s Over

I’ve been in a committed relationship since January 2011, and I hate to admit it here for the whole world to read, but the novelty has started to wear off. When we first started seeing each other, it was new … Continue reading

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Mowgli Never Ran a Marathon

My healthy lifestyle­­ mantra traditionally centers round five core tenets: drink plenty of water, eat more fresh produce, get lots of sleep, limit my alcohol intake and exercise daily. My routine in India also centered around five core tenets, but … Continue reading

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