Mark Your Calendars

My family is healthy, my own health is good, my job is rewarding and last weekend, I got all the smooches a lady could ask for. And by got, I mean stole. Some girls don’t give it up so easy.

...always have to steal my kisses from you...
…always have to steal my kisses from you…

But while dozens of things in my life may be going right, I can still find the little things getting me down from time to time.

Like when you go for a 5-mile “pace” run and can’t seem to get below a 9-minute mile. Or when NYRR double charges you the Scotland Run registration fee. Or when after all your canvassing, in a surprise ballot casting, you’re suddenly not selected as the next pope.

Two out of three of those things happened to me today, and I’m not going to lie: they put me in a funk. And not the music-genre-that-originated-in-the-mid-late-1960s-when-African-American-musicians-created-a-rhythmic-danceable-new-form-of music kind of funk. (Thanks, Wikipedia. I promise I’ll donate to you some day.) The bad kind of funk.

Fortunately, the world is a strangely serendipitous place, and sometimes just as you need a pick-me up, one comes your way.  For some people, it comes in the form of a papal nomination. For me, it was this:


That’s right, folks. Superstorm Sandy and all, I’m in! See you on Staten Island on November 3.

What good news did you get today?



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