Race Plans for the New Year

At noon today, my mother and I took a two-minute break from our respective workdays to simultaneously register for the Irish Sprint 10K in Quantico in March. 

How cute, you may be thinking. A mother-daughter jaunt in the spring Virginia air. It’s true that my mother and I are, in fact, an adorable running pair. And it’s equally true that this 10K race will cover less than half the mileage I logged during Saturday’s half marathon alone. But what’s not true is the notion that signing up online today was a minor event in this runner’s life. Not even remotely.

Because if you read the fine print:

As a just reward for finishing the 10K distance, all runners crossing the Irish Sprint finish line will receive a guaranteed entry into the certain-to-be-sold-out 2012 MCM.

That’s right, folks. By registering today for an adorable 6.2 mile race, I have for all intents and purposes committed to running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28.

I’m not going to lie. I’m kind of excited. I’m also anxious, proud and downright terrified.  But more importantly:

I’m in.

Who’s with me?


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