California Dreaming (on Such a Winters Day)

Rumor has it the East Coast was battered by Winter Storm Juno this past week, but I wouldn’t know: the only Juno I saw was a costume jewelry manufacturer on the corner of Sacramento Street in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown. That’s right folks: while my New York and Boston friends were stocking upContinue reading “California Dreaming (on Such a Winters Day)”

Guest Post: My Long Term Relationship with Running

Note from the real RiledUpRunner: Below is a guest post from my girl Meredith, who you might remember from that time I went to Austin, Texas, and gained 45 delicious pounds. You may also remember her from that time she threw me an “Anne no longer has mono!” celebration dubbed AnniePalooza, the time she letContinue reading “Guest Post: My Long Term Relationship with Running”

Negativity for the Win

The official race results are in, and while I’m pleased as heck to have knocked a full six minutes off my half marathon PR on what was undeniably the hilliest course of my life, the results show me something else that makes me even prouder: I negative split the course. For all you non-runners outContinue reading “Negativity for the Win”

Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair

You know what I hate? When you show up at a party and some bitch is wearing the same exact outfit. Of course, by hate, I mean love. And by party, I mean half marathon. And by bitch, I mean best friend for almost 21 years. So basically, that whole sentence was completely incorrect. LikeContinue reading “Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair”