Dallas, Here I Come

My sister has planned a ridiculously fun itinerary for us in Texas this weekend, which is surprising, because we’re always so serious when we’re together.


Yes, I had a pretty sweet haircut as a child and yes, I’m thinking about bringing it back.

The tentative schedule that arrived in my inbox this morning came complete with activities like “BBQ dinner” and “drinking on inner-tubes” and, oh yeah, “Moonlight Festival and Outhouse Races.” As you are all aware, outhouse races are my all-time favorite pastime. To quote an over-caffeinated Jessie Spano, I’m so excited.

I’m also running a 5K tomorrow morning for good measure. That’s the only item on the agenda I’m kind of skeptical about, but I can’t really complain because I brought that one on myself.

Speaking of skepticism, gratuitous adorable photo, anyone? Done.


How will you try – and likely fail – to top my epic weekend plans?


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