Mongolian in Michigan

Hello from Dearborn, Michigan, both home to the largest Middle Eastern population outside of the Middle East, according to my taxi driver, and home to a pretty anticlimactic hotel room view, according to my pretty anticlimactic hotel room view.

I may be visiting this industrial suburb of Detroit for work, but I was fortunate enough to also get to meet up with my godmother and a duo of my Great Lakes State cousins last night for dinner. And not just any dinner: an authentic Mongolian dinner.

Now I don’t know much about Mongolia compared to, say, a Mongolian, but seeing as my (significantly more adventurous) sister lived in that landlocked Asian republic for the last several years of my adult life, I’m pretty sure I qualified as the chief Mongolian expert at the restaurant last night. And while I could be wrong, I’m not 100-percent sure this dish on the menu really exuded the culinary offerings of the land of Genghis Khan.

Maybe if you made some quick substitutions. “Served on a cookie crust and topped with HERSHEY’s horse fudge.” Mmm.


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