Oh hey, I Ran a Marathon.

I’ve been planning out my post-marathon blog post for probably longer than I actually trained for the marathon itself.

I figured I’d start by reminding everyone that I ran a marathon, and then tell everyone I didn’t break 4:00 but would get there next time and then post the following video clip to sum up my overall feelings about the whole thing:

Solid game plan, right? Alright, here goes.

Guess what, everyone! Yesterday I ran a marathon. (Ok. We’re off to a good, if predictable, start.)

Check out that back.

And … this is where I have to go off script. You know why? Because I did break four hours! And I’m not pretty tired! And I don’t think I’ll go home now, although that’s really just because Hurricane Sandy has grounded me in Baltimore. Sorry, New York City. Please hold down the fort.

The race yesterday – the 37th Marine Corps Marathon – was everything I’d hoped for and more for my inaugural marathon. The air was crisp, the crowds were rowdy and the marines were extremely good-looking. I felt strong straight up until Crystal City, ran into my favorite NYC blogger, saw nearly every spectator I was looking for and crossed the finish line – perhaps with tears streaming down my face, although I’ll never tell – at a surprise 3:51:51. All in all, the perfect conditions for my first-ever 26.2-mile run.

Maybe Bigfoot really is blurry.

I’m not going to lie – miles 20 through 26 in particular were some challenging s.o.b.s – but I eased down my speed (Whoops. No negative splitting here.), chowed down on some extra calories, double-fisted every water station I passed and started reciting cliché but inspiring mantras over and over in my head:

  • Trust your training.
  • They didn’t say it would be easy. They said it would be worth it.
  • Mom said we could get fast food for lunch if you finish.

Speaking of Mom, she hopped in and joined me during a particularly difficult stretch after the 14th St. bridge, keeping me nicely distracted from the blister forming on my right foot and giving me that extra boost I needed to plow through to the end. Thanks also to my Dad, my cousins Liz and Nate and the slew of friends who made it out to cheer me on. And a special thanks to my marine brother who lent me his Halloween costume/favorite running vest as I tried to warm up after crossing the finish line. Your fashion sense is always avant garde.

No goldendoodles were harmed in the making of this vest.

Also, THANK YOU to the unnamed spectator who handed me a fistful of Vaseline in Crystal City. In most situations, a handful of petroleum jelly from a stranger is cause for alarm, but in this case, it meant immediate relief for my chaffing underarm. So thank you, sir. You are an unlikely hero.

Also, thank you to this post-race spectacle for making me laugh. Although please be warned I’ve called PETA on your backpack’s behalf.

Anyways, if you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know that I entered 2012 with two New Year’s resolutions: to run my first marathon and to regularly floss. And by regularly floss, I clearly meant floss at least once a month. So, yeah, you could say we’re 2 for 2 here.

But enough about me. How was your race?


11 thoughts on “Oh hey, I Ran a Marathon.

  1. Sorry you’re stuck in Baltimore but awesome job in yesterday’s MCM! Not only did you break 4 hours, you killed it! I hope, in spite of the weather, you’re basking in the glow of your excellent time.

    1. Thank you! I’m feeling good — if a little sore — today as I continue to ride my runner’s high. Take care of New York for me. Hope they clean up those 100 fallen trees in Central Park before your big race!

  2. Stumbled across your blog and race recap – congrats on an awesome marathon finish! I raced yesterday too (but only a 5km) and am working on a recap now.

  3. Congrats! Sub-4 on your first marathon is awesome. I was pretty damn happy with 4:15. After all the threatening reports of Sandy it really turned out to be a perfect day. Crystal City took its toll on me, too, especially the hill as we headed back towards the Pentagon.

    Best part was shaking the hand of every Marine who was there to greet us at the end of the race. They were awesome!

    1. Yeah, that line of marines at the end was where I really started choking up. I mean, what? I didn’t cry my eyes out at the finish line or anything. Ha.

      Congrats on a stellar first marathon yourself!

  4. Congratulations on your awesome race and hitting your goal! I’m so thankful the weather held out for us. Aside from the wind, it made for a good day of running.

  5. Just reading this now–SQUEE!!! I’m still so happy you broke 4. On your first marathon. EPIC!

    Also, you must have linked to the wrong person when you wrote fave NYC blogger…

    So when are we running/boozing?

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