Her Name is Rio and She Dances on the Sand

Two weeks ago, I was pretty pleased with my Dallas, Texas, hotel room view.

And what’s not to like? Space-needle-like architecture, didn’t overlook a public landfill, smelled slightly of barbecue and came complete with a dramatic sunrise or sunset, although I now couldn’t tell you which one. After years of opting for the local Bates Motel in an effort to submit the cheapest expenses my company has ever reimbursed, I had moved into the big leagues of short-term accommodations.

Or so I thought. Just two short weeks ago, staying in a downtown Dallas hotel that glowed rainbow colors after sundown was enough to get my rocks off. But five minutes at the Rio de Janeiro Sheraton, and the bar has been raised infinitely higher. I apologize in advance for being super obnoxious here, but check out my view today:

But that’s only if I step out on my 22nd-floor balcony and look right. If I look left instead, the view is even more awesome, to use the word as it was meant to be used.

What’s that? You can see the world-famous Christ the Redeemer statue from your bedroom, too? Oh, never mind then.

But before you go getting all jealous of my ridiculous views, I should point out that traveling in Brazil isn’t all fun and games. In fact, I’ve been dealt a pretty big blow today:

I guess we all have to make sacrifices.

Where’s the most epic place your work travel has brought you?


2 thoughts on “Her Name is Rio and She Dances on the Sand

  1. How awesome that you are in Rio! I got to spend a week there for a college field trip after a few weeks in Sao Paulo and oh my goodness is it amazing! Enjoy lots of caipirinhas! (These days my work travel is much less exciting…Rural towns in New Mexico is about as good as it gets).

  2. Very nice. I’ve made several trips to India, but I’d opt for Rio over Bangalore. Two years ago I took 4 trips to Paris. Got to see every season in the city go lights!

    In addition to Pandora, Hulu is also prevented from streaming outside of the US. That’s what led me to but a Slingbox.

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