Maintaining Fitness in Margaritaville

This morning, my boyfriend and I are off to the island of Puerto Rico, which I can only assume in Spanish means “more fried plantains, please.” I’ve been to Puerto Rico twice before — in 2008 for the spring break of a lifetime with the creepiest friends I know and just last year for a pre-cruise romp in glorious Old San Juan — but I’ve never before been to the Puerto Rico sub-island of Vieques. Fun fact: Vieques is backdrop to both The Bachelor on ABC and my next blog post. Stay tuned.

My goals for this trip are five-fold:

  • Spend some quality time with my boyfriend when we aren’t frazzled from long days at the office.
  • Maintain my 10K training plan, complete with a 50 minute tempo run in the W Hotel fitness center and an unorthodox cross-training session wearing a snorkle. Vacation fitness may not be the easiest, but at least I won’t be logging 30 loops of the Carnival cruise “track o’ seasickness” again this year.
  • Get a tan. (Hey, I’m allowed to be a little shallow here.)
  • Enjoy the local culinary fare without breaking the bank calorically. This primarily means aiming for five fruits and veggies a day, including at least one order of non-fried plantains (oh, the humanity!)
  • Learn how to fold towels into the shapes of all my favorite animals. This one really should be at the top of the list.

How are you spending the first week of March?


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