Running Social

If you would have told me two years ago I’d voluntarily leave a rooftop party with an unparalleled skyline view celebrating the most gorgeous birthday girl around at 10:30 p.m. because I had to be up to run nine miles before the sun, I’d have thought you were crazy.

Turns out, I’m the crazy one.

Registering for a fall marathon, I knew I’d have to log some miles in the summer heat, but I don’t think I’d fully appreciated just what, exactly, that would mean for my social life.

Last week, I was out until just before sunup with these heartbreakers, who – judging by the blinding reflection in this photo – may also be Planeteers. (Rachel is totally heart.)

Today, I was dressed, hydrated and making my way to the park at about the same hour in an effort to complete my long run before the New York City heat advisory went into effect.

There are certainly perks to running at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday mornings, like having the park loop to myself and being able to justify a day of sheer slothfulness from 7 a.m. on. But summer marathon training also means learning to turn down social invites and/or another glass of wine in favor of early bedtimes and even earlier wake-up calls, making me just about the lamest Manhattan socialite around.

But all is not lost! I may not be able to fraternize on my usual timeframe during the next four months, but with a little creative scheduling, I think I’ll be able to maintain a semblance of a social life despite running 40+ miles a week. Here’s how you can be a part of it.

  • Step one: Print out a copy of the following training schedule, courtesy of my pal Hal, and hang it on your refrigerator next to my Christmas card photo.
  • Step two: Make plans to hang out with me on days when I’m not waking up to, you know, run 18 miles the following morning. Good times: Sunday nights, Thursday nights, Saturday brunch, etc. Bad times: Tuesday nights, Saturday mornings, October 28, etc. If you’re super into carb loading and other stationary activities, Friday nights are also some prime social real estate. Pencil me in now.

Better yet: Join me on my next long run for a few miles! I know where all the Central Park water fountains are hidden AND I’ll take you out for a 7 a.m. post-run bagel and/or burger (don’t judge). Who’s with me?


2 thoughts on “Running Social

  1. I’m planning my friend’s bachelorette party, and I made sure to schedule it for a weekend when my mileage wasn’t so high between the 20 mile runs! These are important things to consider.

  2. Next time I’m in NY I’ll be sure to bring my running shoes….can’t wait for the post run hamburger.


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