Your Golden Ticket into the Marine Corps Marathon

This whole blogging thing is a bit of a parasitic relationship: I, as the blogger, situate myself on a digital soapbox and you, as the reader, are forced to read my narcissistic ramblings/unsuspectingly click on dangerously adorable photos. But the time has come to change all that. In an attempt to enter a more symbioticContinue reading “Your Golden Ticket into the Marine Corps Marathon”


Luck of the Irish Sprinter

On most race mornings, I roll out of bed an hour before the start time, lace up my¬†Asics and hightail it over to a Central Park starting line, basking in the unrivaled ease and carbon neutrality of my eight-block commute. On this race morning (and in the 12 hours proceeding it), I took a taxiContinue reading “Luck of the Irish Sprinter”