Well Played, Pittsburgh

Hello from surprisingly photogenic Pittsburgh!


There are admittedly a lot of things I don’t like about the City of Bridges, from its touchy-feely quarterback to its stupid yellow towels. But after going on a scenic sunrise run along the Allegheny River Trail this morning, this industrial skeleton of a town has won my heart. And this is why:


No, loyal readers, your eyes doth not deceive you. That is, in fact, a functioning public water fountain along a major running route in March. Check out the plaque if you don’t believe me:


New York is better at so many things, from winning Superbowls to keeping our Greek salads french-fry free (I mean seriously, Pittsburgh?). But for all our undisputed greatness, we somehow haven’t yet figured out how to keep our delicious tap water flowing in Central Park year-round. I never thought I’d say it, but Steel City: I salute you.

Another cool thing about Pittsburgh? Its airport has a full shopping mall, complete with a Nine West shoe store, making flight delays infinitely less excruciating. And sometimes the lady who works at the airport GAP tells you that you look like ‘the pinnacle of health’ and must be a tennis star and stares in disbelief when you tell her you weighed 35 pounds more just 15 short months earlier. Thanks for the ego boost, GAP lady. I salute you, too.

Where have your travels taken you recently?


One thought on “Well Played, Pittsburgh

  1. How funny (and cool) to have someone tell you that you look like the pinnacle of health!

    I haven’t been to Pittsburgh (and likely won’t ever go unless some weird circumstance comes up), but the picture of the river is quite lovely! And yes, french fries in a Greek salad is a little much.

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