Murphy’s Law

You know those weekends when everything that could possibly go wrong does?

Like you wake up early for your 11-mile long run and it’s excruciatingly hot out?


Or a surprise Nor’easter forces you inside for two straight days?


Or the friends you’re traveling with turn out to be absolutely no fun whatsoever?


Yes, you know those kinds of weekends? Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Because I don’t. The only bad thing about this weekend was that it had to come to an end. Seriously, the hardest choices we had to make in the Hamptons were whether to lay by the ocean or the pool (correct answer: both), how many kinds of meat to grill at dinner Saturday night (correct answer: five) and which version of ‘Call Me Maybe’ to get irreversibly stuck in our heads for 36 consecutive hours (correct answer: the one feat. Cookie Monster).

Oh, I guess there was one downside to my weekend in Amagansett with two of my best friends ever: none of us were able to get even remotely tan, you know, because of the terrible weather and everything.


Really though: Next weekend is going to have a tough act to follow. Luckily, something tells me this girl is up for the challenge. Bring it, SanFran.

How’d you make the most of your weekend? And can we all agree that “You, cookie-showing, and me hunger growing. Let’s get skim milk flowing. We’ll start this snack going baby.’ is even catchier than the original? Yes? Good. I knew I liked you.


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