Gear Up

I’ve been off the grid blogwise for three weeks and counting, and I know I’ve left you with all sorts of unanswered questions. I’ll plow through them quickly, as I have something much more important to address.

  • Did we choose to renew our apartment lease? Yes.
  • Did we book our summer trip to Greece? Yes.
  • Did Ben find me weeping upstairs last night after I read the final pages of ‘Of Mice and Men’ because I so badly wanted Lennie to get to raise the rabbits? I’ll never tell.

And now onto the real purpose of today’s post, a subject near and dear to my heart: shoes.

No, I’m not talking about the shoe rack I so painstakingly organized last weekend in an exuberant bout of spring cleaning that I already instagrammed the hell out of and am clearly going to make you admire as well:

photo 1 (68)
All together now: “Ooh ahh.”


I’m talking about a shoe matter even more significant: the Asics Warehouse Sample Sale. You’re welcome, New York.

I learned about this sale — which goes through Sunday — when a running friend sent me a link suggesting it sounded right up my alley. And boy, was it. Asics trainers? Neon colors? Discount prices? Weird abandoned warehouses? What’s not to love?

photo 4 (40)

I stopped by the pop-up shop today in hopes I’d be able to find a new pair of Gel Cumulus 15s, my favorite shoe since the original Gel Neo 33s were retired. Unfortunately, no dice. Still, I wasn’t prepared to leave empty handed. Enticed by the $59 price tag and — let’s be honest, the vibrant colors — I decided to choose another unknown pair instead, the Gel Evate 2s.

I know, I know, that’s exactly how you’re not supposed to pick new running shoes. But I could tell they were multi-functional, neutral shoes with a similar weight to my existing line-up and by a brand I trust, so I figured I’d take the plunge. I googled the fit as soon as I got home to find out how the reviews hold up. The only con listed on RunRepeat? “The vibrant hues of the shoes may be too much for some runners who only want a simple style for running.”

I think I have chosen… wisely.

Of course, shoes weren’t the only items in stock. The sale was also full of leftover New York City marathon gear, from $30 zip-up jackets to $14 racer-back tees. I grabbed several, plus some socks for good form, and left with just $140 in damage. Not bad, considering the shoes alone cost $145 new.

photo 5 (24)
Behold: My haul.

I try not to overly covet earthly possessions, but these new pieces are going to be crucial as I race my two spring half marathons and gear up for November’s 26.2. Besides, I’m pretty sure the big guy’s a fan of neon running gear, too.

What’s on your gear wish list this spring? 




3 thoughts on “Gear Up

  1. $59? FIFTY – FREAKIN’ – NINE DOLLARS?!? When I’ve never been able to pay less than 90 bucks for a pair of Brooks Trans? You’re telling me that women get to pay less for their running shoes just as they do for dress shoes?? This is SO what I needed to hear first thing this morning when I’m trying to get a mandamus brief on file and the coffee isn’t even done yet. Thanks, Speedsprite. Thanks ever so much! — Vaughan

    1. Nice, David! I trust you bought the most fluorescent colors possible, practically guaranteed to enhance racing times. See Vaughan, men’s shoes were also on sale! I think you need to plan a 5th Ave shopping trip.

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