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Fifty Minutes

Despite cautionary tales of shin splints, achy backs and a lifetime of knee pain, most runners irrefutably know that our sport generally changes us for the better. Run for two weeks and feel your legs strengthen and posture improve. Run … Continue reading

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Boston Strong

Though I’ve never spent more than a handful of weekends there over the course of my life, the city of Boston has always had a soft spot in my heart. In college, Boston was the airport that helped me return … Continue reading

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On Your Mark

I’ve never doubted the caliber of my friends, but in case I needed some sort of reaffirmation, the outflowing of support following my Thursday night blog post undoubtedly sealed the proverbial deal. “Just reading your blog,” one texted me later … Continue reading

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It Takes a Village

When news broke last Monday of the Boston Marthon bombings, my initial thoughts centered around a core theme: ‘Why would anyone specifically want to target runners?’ In the wake of last November’s ING New York City Marathon cancelation, runners were … Continue reading

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