First Things First

As Curiosity touched down on Mars’ surface last week—marking the fourth NASA unmanned surface rover to explore the red planet since 1996—I was struck by how few firsts my generation has experienced. Sure, Generation Y has lived through some momentous and empowering firsts, from the United States’ first black president to the country’s first legalizedContinue reading “First Things First”


Running: Taking its Toll on Your Wallet and Knees

Somewhere along the line, we’ve collectively consented to accept a series of seemingly harmless lies as fact. Swallow gum and it will stay in your digestive track for seven years. Daddy longlegs are the world’s most poisonous spiders but their mouths are too small to bite humans. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. OneContinue reading “Running: Taking its Toll on Your Wallet and Knees”

Save the Date

I’ve always been a planner. When I was in grade school, I’d spend all day Friday planning my evening TGIF snack. (Let it be known that my nuclear family may have singlehandedly kept Klondike Bars in business from 1990 through 1996). When I was in six grade, I’d spend entire school weeks planning my Friday free-dress-day outfit. (LetContinue reading “Save the Date”

From the Horse’s Mouth

This weekend, I finished reading the 2001 New York Times Bestseller Seabiscuit: An American Legend. Yes, I realize I’m 11 years late to the table with this one. I’m also still listening to Napster and investing in Enron. A captivating read about a knobby-kneed racehorse that was transformed into an icon of the American DreamContinue reading “From the Horse’s Mouth”

Running Social

If you would have told me two years ago I’d voluntarily leave a rooftop party with an unparalleled skyline view celebrating the most gorgeous birthday girl around at 10:30 p.m. because I had to be up to run nine miles before the sun, I’d have thought you were crazy. Turns out, I’m the crazy one.Continue reading “Running Social”

Hot-Blooded (Check it and See)

Sweltering summer days are perfect for a whole host of activities. Tasting all 16 flavors of frozen yogurt in the name of science? Sure. Openly resenting your best friend for describing her 50-degree morning run in the Bay Area? Oh, yes. Lazily basking in the shade at a Central Park lobster bake with a broodContinue reading “Hot-Blooded (Check it and See)”

Weekend Warrior

It’s both startling and invigorating how quickly the world around us can change. But don’t believe me. Just ask Central Park. A lush and silent oasis at 7 a.m. Saturday morning, the Sheep’s Meadow was almost unrecognizable by the time I returned with picnic in tow seven short hours later. The songbirds had been replacedContinue reading “Weekend Warrior”

Your Golden Ticket into the Marine Corps Marathon

This whole blogging thing is a bit of a parasitic relationship: I, as the blogger, situate myself on a digital soapbox and you, as the reader, are forced to read my narcissistic ramblings/unsuspectingly click on dangerously adorable photos. But the time has come to change all that. In an attempt to enter a more symbioticContinue reading “Your Golden Ticket into the Marine Corps Marathon”

Luck of the Irish Sprinter

On most race mornings, I roll out of bed an hour before the start time, lace up my Asics and hightail it over to a Central Park starting line, basking in the unrivaled ease and carbon neutrality of my eight-block commute. On this race morning (and in the 12 hours proceeding it), I took a taxiContinue reading “Luck of the Irish Sprinter”

Race Plans for the New Year

At noon today, my mother and I took a two-minute break from our respective workdays to simultaneously register for the Irish Sprint 10K in Quantico in March.  How cute, you may be thinking. A mother-daughter jaunt in the spring Virginia air. It’s true that my mother and I are, in fact, an adorable running pair.Continue reading “Race Plans for the New Year”